Return to Westgate

After leaving the Isle of the Ancient One our adventurers return on-board the Crimson Heart to the port city of Westgate on the Dragon Coast.

After disembarking the magnificent vessel there is some interest in who is the captain and where they can be found.

After speaking with the harbourmaster he points a very thirsty Genevieve at the nearest tavern “The Salty Dog” which is located near the city road at the entrance to the docks. The party head to the tavern to get a well earned drink.

After spending some time discussing their current situation (quests, the ship, what to do next etc…) Foxglove spots a couple of shady characters asking questions to the barkeep and waitress with an indication they are interested in the party.

It turns out they are members of the “Five Knives” a local gang/group prominent in Westgate. After the party leaves the tavern they are followed by one of the “Knives” and his shadowing ability is quickly bettered by Genevieve’s perception and he is caught by the party.

After explaining he works for “”/characters/carver" class=“wiki-content-link”>Carver" the current leader of the “Five Knives” and his interest is in their ship (Crimson Rose) the party hurry back to the docked ship to check that everything is OK.

At the ship the party is approached by various merchants who offer up to 20K gold for the purchase of the ship, the best offer coming from “Fotus” a local shipping merchant.

The party decide that they will “donate” the ship the King of Westgate but before they can they must try and deal with the mysterious woman on board who according to another captive was a danger to everyone.

The ship is sailed down the cost to a empty shoreline and the party disembark with the woman to the beach where they will try various rituals and spells in an effort to “cure” her of her condition.

Foxglove tries a “Remove Curse” spell first and flies onto the woman’s head in order to be close enough to cast the spell. As Foxglove flies onto the woman’s head she feels a powerful magic resonance. As Foxglove uses her Arcance skill to sense the weave and nearby magic she finds out that the woman is receiving a massive amount of raw magic which is coming from another plane. Although worrying she continues with the “Remove Curse” spell.

As soon as Foxglove removes curses on the woman she begins whispering strange words:

Saracen decides to start “Dispell Magic” on her which has disastrous effects. The woman was suffering from nine simultaneous magic effects and once Saracen started to dispell them strange things started happening; the woman started to tear her own hair out; bugs, snakes and other insects begin coming out of her mouth; portals to other planes appear and unleash magic upon the beach; psychic pulses being hurting the party. As these conditions become worse it appears that the magic which is flowing into her cannot not be contained and something needs to be done.

Unable to “put the genie back in the bottle” Marcus and Foxglove make a decision to end the woman’s life. Before Foxglove could act Saracen plunges his sword into the woman’s chest killing her instantly. As she dies the magic effects subside and her bloody body lies on the sand. Foxglove senses that a subtle but noticeable change has occurred in the weave of magic. Whatever the party have done will effect the weave in some unknown way.

Foxglove incinerates the body of the woman but notices some arcane markings on her body during the process although she cannot translate them they are similar to the runes which effected Matty.

Saracen swears an oath to bring whoever placed the magic onto the woman to justice as he looks at the black stained sand slowly being washed away by the tide….

Sailing back to Westgate somewhat dejected by the events on the beach the party decide visit Carver interested in whatever his motivations were in the ship.

Marcus locates Carver at the Black Lotus a seedy tavern on the west side of town offering cheap drink and even cheaper women. After briefly considering a stealth option Saracen adopts his trademark “direct approach” and the group enter.

Carver is found at the end of bar keeping warm by a large hearth. Some higher ranking members of the “Five Knives” are playing cards with him.

After a very cordial conversation Carver tells the group that he was just monitoring the party’s movements hoping to catch information on which merchant was making the best offer for the Crimson Heart. This might afford him an opportunity to either intercept the money from the merchant or at the very least let him know which merchant is currently flush with funds.

Seeing no need to learn more the party leaves and heads to the “Golden Sun” inn for a nights rest.

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