A beautiful Unseelie Fairy, Foxglove has left her life as an Assassin for the Queen of Air and Darkness for a life of adventure while she searches for something she has lost but forgotten.



I am Named Lanata Digitalis Weepingbell, Sixth Sword to The Queen of Air and Darkness, High Lady of the Vale of Pitch, The Fell Razor, Scion of Shar, Nine Fold Horror of Chessenta, Vessel of The Three Wishes of the Black Tower, Wielder of The Dead Light of Thazildun, The Widow Maker of Myth Draenor, Bearer of the Book of The Seventy Nine Deaths and Torment of The Five Kings of Thay.

But you can call me Foxglove.


Born a noble woman of the Gloaming Court, Foxglove was trained from childhood to serve The Queen of Air and Darkness as bodyguard and assassin.

Foxglove fell in love with another Pixie, a Seelie Court Bard by the name of Morin Songweaver. Since this broke her vows to The Queen of Air and Darkness, and her patron God Shar, Morin was cast across the Planes to be forever lost. Foxglove was cursed to forever forget Morin, but the feelings of loss and pain at his banishment remain. Foxglove now wanders the Realms, trying to find what she has lost but forgotten.

Despite Foxglove’s recent difficulties, she is still a noble of the Unseelie Court and is due the respect and deference, as well as the animosity, of her rank.


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