Zathurax is a large fire breathing dragon with copper coloured scales which shimmer in the sunlight. Unlike other dragons Zathurax has various armour plates attached to his tail, feet and head which make his appearance very fearsome. His claws are adorned with silver and platinum rings and his wings are pierced with many rings and other decorative metal work. He clinks when he walks normally as all the metal he his wearing clashes together.


Zathurax has been trapped in a pocket dimension for over 500 years appearing to have once been a companion of a princess or queen. He was trapped in a magical artefact which was spilt in two and only rejoined once Saracen put together the two pieces at the end of Isle of the Ancient One.

His background is largely a mystery at this point although he has made mention of having a tough relationship with Bahamut. Zathurax has pledged to serve Saracen in his adventures for rescuing him and would consider it an insult for him to do otherwise.

Abilities Known:
– Spellcasting (shape changing, guidance ritual)


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