An ascetic, caring cleric trying to undo the evils of his violent past.


Marcus grew up as the child of escaped slave refugees from Calimshan in Baldur’s Gate. He has a brother, Adran, but the two were never close and haven’t spoken to each other in years. Adran disapproved of Marcus’s career choice and lifestyle. The last Marcus heard of him, he was trading cloth along the Sword Coast. Their parents died years ago.

Marcus left Baldur’s Gate as a young man, barely an adult, joining a mercenary unit with friends. They warred all over Faerun, some of it good and just, much of it, as war tends to be, especially when you’re a hired killer, and especially when the coffers are getting a little empty, nasty and dirty. After twenty years of fighting, looting and pillaging, Marcus was gravely injured in the sacking of a town in Thesk on a trouble-stirring contract for the rulers of Thay. Abandoned by his comrades, he found himself being nursed back to health by one of those he’d been hired to butcher, a lay priest of Ilmater, the god of compassion and redemption. He’d killed the man’s wife and child, and ordered his house torched with the man inside, and yet the man, Garran, had saved him, because he would not lose what his family had loved him for, his compassion.

That a man he’d so wronged would still save his life in this way turned Marcus’s world on its head. Once restored to full health, and unable to salve his conscience with alcohol as he had in his former career, he resolved to undo the damage of his past life. He forsook violence, drinking and the pursuit of gold. For two years he learned the ways of the priesthood and the philosophy of care from Garran before taking his leave and returning to the wider world, aiming to do good wherever it was needed and tend the wounds, both physical and metaphorical, plaguing the nations of Faerun. Any man can change his stars, and even the most wicked and evil killer can learn that there is a better way. Marcus knows this because he himself is the proof of that.


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