Gathering of hero's

All of our heroes have made their way to the country of Elturguard. Since the spell plague a number or rivers have grown to become major trade routes through the forgotten realms. The town of X resides on the Y river and had seen recent activity by the Sunguard Paladins as a waypoint towards the Z forest.

The adventurers have learnt that the Sunguard Paladins are seeking brave souls to enter the forest and find the source of a psychic plague effecting their members.

One the the only taverns X in town reside on the river shoreline positioned to catch those disembarking for vessels and needing a drink before heading onto their destinations.

The tavern is filled with sailors from the many ships docked along the shoreline a few adventurers who have booked passage among merchant ships are scattered throughout the Inn drinking and eating the fine preparations the bar and kitchen have to offer.

A loud bells sounds throughout the town signalling that the time has come for ships to depart. Almost as one the sailors leave the Inn revealing five adventures who are still eating their meals and finishing their drinks.

Matty a female human sits at the bar apparently midway through a game a dice with a fellow patron who has now left.

Marcus a male human from the south who’s dark skin contrasts with the red bandages and simple leathers which clothe him.

Saracen the dragonborn busy eating a whole chicken at a large bench table his sword and shield resting nearby.

Gathering of hero's

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