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The story so far

Meeting at small river town in Elturguard
Adventure into the floating goblin castle
Portal room at the end
Downriver to the cursed forest to save the Sunguard Paladins from going mad
Journey into the shadowfell to save the girl paladin
Victory session at Elturel – Gifts from magic academy including shield
Adventurers board posting – small village needs help with missing livestock
Teleported by friendly wizard to village
Fight with underground creatures escaped from Orc dig
Bargain with the orc wizard
Ambush of Orc leader
Doublecross statue comes alive
Statue destroyed
Downriver to blockade
Given lamp by handsome chap
Girl trapped in lamp
Rescue the Princess avoid the enemy military
Escaped to the Giant mountains – ascended to secret ruins
Travelled to port town to give back Princess
Met pirates – Challenge accepted
Sea of Fallen stars – Kraken attack!
Sea of Fallen stars – Pirates attack!
Sea of Fallen stars – Crimson Heat – Abandoned Vessel
Sea of Fallen Stars – Lich!! eeek!!
Isle of the Ancient One – Journey through the forest of Death
Isle of the Ancient One – Beholderclops!
Isle of the Ancient One – Temple ascension – Gatehouse
Isle of the Ancient One – Temple ascension – Lavaslimes!!
Isle of the Ancient One – Temple ascension – Fleshweaver
Port City – Well earned drink
Port City – Took the enchantments off the Woman
Port City – Met Crescent and his group gave them map to Dungeon “Vault of Secrets”
Vault of Secrets – Travelling to Starmantle (Soliders attack farmstead, forest)
Vault of Secrets – Ruins of Starmantle (Face in floor)
Vault of Secrets – Crossroads, dials on floor, North corridor Statue, Guillotine, Study
Vault of Secrets – Mirror Match
Vault of Secrets – Balor Fight
Vault of Secrets – Personal Journeys
Vault of Secrets – Dwarf riddle room
Vault of Secrets – Puzzle corridor
Vault of Secrets – Rescue of Aryathwen

Shadowfell Stuff – Journey to the Shadowfell
Shadowfell Stuff – Anti paladin in castle
Shadowfell Stuff – Ferryman to Gloomwrought
Shadowfell Stuff – Fight against Rake and the Bane dudes
Shadowfell Stuff – Noble families and stealing of the sword
Shadowfell Stuff – Plan to rescue Randolf the Guardian
Shadowfell Stuff – Beholder prison
Shadowfell Stuff – Escape from Gloomwrought

Sshamath – Journey to the Underdark (orgres, trolls, Rescue Toms Dwarf from Duargar), Enter the city by teleporting lol
Sshamath – Plan A go directly to the castle throne room do not get attacked by weird Mage Dryder things
Sshamath – Welcome to the DemonWeb pits, journey downwards, pit fighting
Sshamath – Met Drow rogue woman got teleported back to throne room , brother/uncle resuced sort of
Sshamath – Goodbyes to the Drow

Everburn Forge – Birth of an Artefact, portals, reverse gravity, dead wizards, efreeti generals
Everburn Forge – White dragon, choas elementals, etc..

Azer City – Can we free Saracen

Swordcoast – Golden fish session
Swordcoast – Talking helps session

Feywild – Travel there through floating castle
Feywild – Journey through the forest (sprites, blight)
Feywild – Meeting Nalitaire of the Deep Roots
Feywild – Stop the blight, tunnel of madness, gas, slime, chasm, spores, blight creatures
Feywild – Agent of Drakken, Rebirth of Gulthias
Feywild – Tavel back to floating castle – realise it’s been 8 years ooops


Main Page

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